ABOUT - Robert Gilbreth



I am a photographer currently based out of Indialantic, FL. Originally from small town New Hampshire, I have spent time living in Florida, Northern and Southern California, Boston and North Carolina with the US Army. 

Until recently I was a Del Mar, California based photographer. There I absolutely fell in love with the  lifestyle of surf, sun, good food and even better views. While in California I lived for the state's unique geography and the people and animals that call it home.  It created the perfect environment for me to develop my photography skills, enjoy nature and experience some of the most pristine dark skies in North America. 

I recently moved to Central Florida for work along with my dog Bodhi and bags full of camera gear.  While SoCal will always own a piece of my heart and I relish the opportunity to move back, I am looking forward to capturing all of the natural beauty the Sunshine State has to offer. 

When I'm not working or taking photos, chances are you can find me at the beach surfing, out enjoying the local cuisine, spending quality time with my dog, or time and budget permitting - traveling to new places and exploring unique locations across the country and world.

When it comes to my adventures, the more off the beaten path the better. Whether traveling on foot or in my Jeep, I find myself completely at peace on the journey to and in places detached from the marks of civilization - surrounded by the majesty of nature. I like to think this innate drive is expressed in my photography: my desire to try to do justice to the beauty of the natural world by capturing its light and magnificence at any one moment in time.  

I hope you find enjoyment in my work and follow along as I continue to grow in this passion of mine. I am grateful for your support and hope you appreciate the beauty in my images as much as I do. Thank you! 

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